Citrus+ is a Concentrated, powerful prewash product used to remove bugs, grease, road salt and general road grime whilst helping to pre lift dirt ready for Foam+. Used prior to shampooing your car, this product is normally applied using a pump sprayer. Its sprayed around the bottom seals of the vehicle, the lower half of your car or bike and under wheel arches. Then thoroughly rinsed off to remove general grime and grease. This cleaner penetrates grime enabling the soiling to easily rinse away. The formula means it is a wax and sealant safe product and will not affect any protection on vehicles..

The natural citrus oils enable fantastic penetration. This is a great and effective cleaner and highly Concentrated. Great for exterior use. Can also be used to remove stainining in interior plastics etc and to clean and degrease engine bays Dilution ratio: 100ml Citrus+ 900ml Water in a trigger bottle or pump sprayer or for an even more effective pre wash, add a dab to a foam lance with some water and apply using foam method and allow to dwell for 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Citrus + degreaser & prewash

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