Our glass cleaner has been another favourite amongst detailers and enthusiasts alike and has been a talk of many reviews. Following a slight tweak of our formula we have improved on what was a fantastic product. glass + is a Specially formulated solvent free cleaner designed to cut through the toughest dirt and grime and deliver the best possible clarity whilst having anti-fogging properties too boot.

The advanced ammonia-free formula makes short work of stubborn films, and delivers streak-free results every time. Perfect for both inside and out Glass+ will leave windows sparkling.

Glass + glass cleaner

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  • 1. using two cloths, apply glass+ to inner windows either directly onto the glass, or spray onto the first cloth.

    2. using a circular motion ensure you have wiped all of the glass, reaching into corners etc

    3. following the above immediately wipe with the second cloth using vertical or horizontal strokes ensuring any residue from the first cloth has been buffed off leaving a streak free clear window.