High active, heavy duty acid cleaner and descaler. Will remove mortar, plaster, moss and algae from brickwork, stone, patios and paving stones.


High active, heavy duty acid cleaner and descaler.  Will remove mortar, plaster, moss and algae from brickwork, stone, patios and paving stones.  Highly recommended for the cleaning and etching of concrete floors.  BRICK CLEAN will also remove rust from ferrous metals and also limescale and heavy soilage from porcelain toilets and urinals.



*Multi purpose product                     

*Rapidly removes heavy stains                    

*Highly concentrated

*Contains corrosion inhibitors           

*Powerful cleaner & descaler                       

*Suitable for use on porcelain

*Ideal for cleaning paving stones & patios



Ideal for use on building sites to remove mortar and plaster deposits from brickwork, construction equipment, tools and scaffolding.  Highly recommended for cleaning and etching concrete floors, paving, stone and quarry tiles, and also for removing limescale and cleaning porcelain in toilets, washrooms, changing rooms and swimming pool surrounds.


NOTE: It is not recommended for use on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.



BRICKWORK,                          Wet surface with cold, clean water, apply BRICK CLEAN with a brush, or spray the

CONCRETE FLOORS                surface being cleaned, at a dilution rate of up to 1:4 parts cold water depending on

& PATIOS:                               soiling.  Leave for up to five minutes for penetration.  Agitate with a brush if

                                                necessary.  Hose down with clean water and allow to dry. All equipment used during

                                                the cleaning process, such as brushes and sprays, should be thoroughly washed

                                                immediately after use.


TOILET DESCALING:                Dilute up to 1:4 parts cold water.  Apply to surfaces and leave for a few minutes.

(PORCELAIN SURFACES)        Agitate with toilet brush if necessary.  Flush toilet.  USE UNDILUTED FOR HEAVY

                                                AND STUBBORN STAINS.


NOTE: Protective clothing, including goggles must be worn when using this product.



Contains a blend of non-ionic surfactants, hydrochloric acid and corrosion inhibitors.



Appearance:                                        Thin clear liquid                     

Colour:                                                 Pale straw

Odour:                                                 Hydrochloric acid                   

pH Value – undiluted:             <1

Specific Gravity (20°C):                      1.13                            

ph Value – diluted 1:4:                       <1

Viscosity @ 20°C Flow Cup 4:                        As water                                

Non-Volatile Content w/w:                1.60%

Total Ingredient Content w/w:           36%                            

Biodegradable:                                   Yes

Shelf Life Unopened:                          3 years

Hydrochloric Acid 28% - Brick & Patio Cleaner