The Perfekt final finish to the interior of anyone's car. Interior pro is our advanced textile & surface coating that forms a semi-permanent protective barrier on all textiles, including coated leathers. It uses a non-volatile water-based system that dries to form an invisible and fully breathable coating that chemically bonds to treated surfaces.

After application, everyday spillages simply bead up on treated surfaces, helping to prevent stains from forming and enabling easy wiping up.

Interior pro - fabric & leather protection

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  • Ensure surface to be treated has been fully cleaned and dried prior to application using interior+ for all surfaces.

    Twist trigger to spray setting and mist over all carpets, mats and seats be them Leather or fabric.. Give an even coverage.

    If too much product is used on leather and a run begins, lightly pat with a clean Microfibre. Dependant on temperature allow a full 24 hours for the formula to bond with its surface.

    Repeat application every 3 to 6 months dependant on usage and soiling.