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MackamTM 50UL is a high active grade of Cocamidopropyl Betaine made from a low color and odor, coconut feedstock. It is about 26% more concentrated than typical grades of CAPB which makes it hostile to microbial growth, eliminating the need for a preservative.  Having no preservative, MackamTM 50UL is acceptable for use globally.  MackamTM 50UL exhibits excellent stability over a broad pH range and compatibility with both anionic & cationic surfactants.




Clear Colourless to Pale Yellow Liquid


37% min.                    (100-%water-%NaCl)

Solids, %:

44% min.                    (100% - %water)

Color (Hazen or APHA):

150 max.


52-56%                      (Karl- Fisher)

pH (as is):

4.5 - 5.5

Sodium Chloride, %:

5.8 - 7.3



Shampoos                            Hard Surface Cleaners

Liquid Soaps                        Hand Dishwash Liquids

Body Cleansers                      All-Purpose cleaners

Lime Soap Dispersion                Vehicle cleaning

Mackam 50 UL/Primesurf CAP B - Betaines - Foam Boosters/Foam stabilizers

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