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Robotic Programmed Hoist for Ultrasonic Cleaning


Mass Transfer Robotic Hoist Ultrasonic Cleaning systems provide efficient processing of parts on a continuous basis.  Available with multiple tanks for immersion cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning and Passivation. The Programmable Hoist requires no operator for loading or unloading and automatically advances baskets or parts carriers from tank to tank. Multiple tanks are added as required for general parts washing, precision Ultrasonic cleaning and Passivation.


These automated ultrasonic cleaning systems are used in the aviation industry for cleaning turbine blades and other Jet engine and Turbo prop engine components including fuel cell components and bearings. They can be custom designed for parts cleaning for the aviation and automotive overhaul and repair and remanufacturing industries. In the Bio Medical industry they provide critical aqueous cleaning and passivation for surgical instrument cleaning and orthopaedic implant cleaning.


Standard Cantilevered Robotic Programmable Hoist Systems are available in 100Lb 300Lb 500LB capacities. Gantry models for 1000 pounds and up are also available. The hoist can be adapeted to handle most existing baskets and special baskets and fixtures can be designed for special requirements. The robotic hoist and tanks sizes can handle baskets from 12 inches square to well over 60 inches.

Inaddition to the Jenfab automated programmable hoist we also offer semi automated and manual immersion cleaning equipment. 


Automated Programmed Hoist 1200 LB Capacity with Agitated Immersion and Turbulation for Paint Strip Line


How it works


Parts are moved by the Programmed Robotic Hoist through a series of stages in which agitated immersion tanks and ultrasonic cleaning tanks loosen and remove buffing compound chips, fines, oil and various soils. Drying is either with high pressure blow-off or energy efficient recirculating convection air dryer for maximum drying in minimal time.

Featurs of Ultrasonice Cleaning Hoist Systems


  • Stainless Steel wetted surfaces for longest life
  • Turbulated cleaning tanks for agitated immersion cleaning
  • Vertical agitation mechanisms provide vertical oscillation movement of parts in solution
  • Oil removal systems
  • UF, RO and DI water systems
  • Ultrasonic cleaning with 20KHz 25KHz 40KHz and higher frequencies
  • High volume Recirculating dryer dries parts in half the time and results in 70 to 80% reduction in energy requirements as compared to conventional, non-recirculating, blow-off type dryers.

Robotic Hoist Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

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