General purpose bleach to keep lavatories, drains and sinks clear of odours, waste and bacteria.  It can also be used for cleaning down hard surfaces, sanitising cook ware, and removing stains from teacups & teapots.  Suitable for use in washrooms, toilets & kitchens.


Features & Benefits
Extremely versatile general purpose disinfectant.
Disinfects & removes odours in one operation.
Very effective killer of bacteria, fungi & viruses.
Ideal for soaking cloths and mops.

How to Use
Use undiluted or dilute upto 1:50 parts water. (100ml per 5lt).
½ cupful per 5lt.

Dilute upto 1:75 parts water. (66ml per 5lt).  6 capsful per 5lt.
Wipe surface & rinse with clean water.

Dilute up to 1:100 parts water (50ml per 5lt). 4 capsful per 5lt.
Soak for 30 minutes & rinse with clean water.

Please take care when handling this product to avoid spillages on skin and clothes.  Do not use on silk, wool, coloured materials, leather of garments with a special finish.  If you have any doubts please contact your distributor or our technical department.

Contains sodium hypochlorite solution.
Typical Product Data
Appearance: Clear liquid
Odour: Slightly chlorinated
Specific Gravity (20oC) Standard 1.080
Specific Gravity (20oC) Extra strong 1.112
Colour: Pale yellow/green
pH – undiluted Standard: 12.0
pH – diluted 1:100 Standard: 9.6
pH – undiluted Extra strong: 12.35
pH – diluted 1:100 Extra strong: 9.9

Shelf Life Unopened: Not less than 12 months

Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature & away from acidic pr

Softwash UK Sodium Hypochlorite

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