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A balanced blend of surfactants, quaternary ammonium and aldehyde germicides combined with a powerful phenoilc in a non acidic formulation specifically designed for tough terminal disinfection applications, particularly with heavy soil, yards or where earth floors are used. Effective against Coccidia.



Turbocox offers potent broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, viruses, fungi and ascarid ova even in conditions of heavy surface soil, yards where earth floors are used. It also provides excellent residual activity. Aldehydes are renowned as potent gericides with superior spectrum of activity coupled with durability against surface organic matter. Turbocox does not rely on damaging “acid boosting” to effect its virucidal potency which ensures damage to buildings and equipment is minimised . The phenolic component of Turbocox is particularly effective on earth floors and to control ascarid ova and coccidiosis in long term accommodation such as used in breeder units.

The combination of aldehydes with quaternary ammonium compounds and surfactants (wetting agents) ensures the penetration of biological films which would ordinarily protect the disease agents from disinfection.



Apply to all washed surfaces as a terminal disinfectant using a coarse spray at a dilution rate of 1:100 parts water.


Tests performed by independent analytical laboratories to DEFRA approved protocols indicate the Turbocox could be used for general orders type disinfection at 1:100 parts water.

Similar tests also indicate efficacy against a broad spectrum of disease agents:

SVD 1:200; PRRS 1:190; E coli 1:310; AOO 1:280; Mycoplasma 1:200; Clostridia 1:230;

Newcastle 1:180;Emiria sps 1:180; Oocysts 1:50.


TurboCox - (Non DEFRA) Terminal Disinfectant For Buildings & Equipment

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