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TURBOSURE is a high-active synergistic formulation incorporating highly virucidal aldehydes and potent quatemary bactericides, enhanced and stabilised by additional surface-active agents to break down established soil deposits and biofilms.


TURBOSURE contains over 30% chemicals actives of which:

  • Germicides total:                           18%
  • Surfactants total:                           18%


Suitable for application as:

  • Normal 1% solution applied by pressure spray to drench all surfaces.
  • Foam application – at 1% using appropriate foaming equipment –

*prolongs exposure/contact with all vertical and overhead surfaces

*provides immediate visual evidence of all treated areas



The synergistic blend of aldehyde and quaternary germicides has proven efficacy against commercially significant livestock virus disease agents under practical conditions at widely varying temperature ranges (4°C - 20°C), and in the presence of faecal contamination.


Demonstrated to be superior to the performance of quatemary ammonium compounds or aldehydes alone – amphoterics, iodophors, phenols and oxidising agents (chlorine).

TurboSure - A  UK DEFRA Approved Detergent Disinfectant

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