The perfect start up/maintenance pack containing the ultimate essentials to gently and effectively clean your pride and joy. A must have for your wash arsenal.


Pack includes:


500 ml Simply + specialist shampoo

A slightly different take on our very popular former Shampoo. Simply+ is all about cleaning performance and maximising the ‘Beading effect’ of any LSP, Wax or Ceramic on the vehicle after the wash routine.


500 ml Foam + non caustic prewash foam

An advanced PH neutral prewash. foam+ concentrate is used to remove soiling (traffic film, bug splats and general grime) prior to shampooing with simply+. When used via a foam lance on a pressure washer this product produces a luxurious balanced foam blanket aiding in contact time. 


500 ml Alloy + wheel cleaner

A fantastic concentrated wheel cleaner that not only looks and smells pleasant but has deep cleaning power making cleaning wheels a doddle. Alloy + is a non caustic alkaline wheel cleaner that's exceptionally good at removing dirt grease and grime


Wash Pack

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