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Price competitive with wood and coal and are made using 100% compressed, recycled wood. Easy to handle and quick to light, burns with a steady flame and give off constant heat. You can mix with wood or coal or use them by themselves. The manufacturing process means they retain their shape during burning and do not expand, therefore they last significantly longer during burning than inferior types of compressed wood fuel. They are also safer to burn with no expansion or cracking.


  • 100% Clean recycled Wood-Typically less than 5% moisture and no spitting or sparking.
  • Low ash, high heat, Low smoke, easy to light, clean to handle.
  • Large bright flame, long burning.
  • For all types of wood burning & multi-fuel stoves, chimeneas and firepits.

Wood Fuel Briquettes - Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stoves, Chimeneas

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