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Platinum Trigger De-icer – Ready To Use has a handy spray action ideal for clearing frozen screens fast.

Platinum De-Icer is a fast acting de-icer, formulated to effectively defrost windows and help prevent freezing.

Platinum De-Icer also contains glass cleaner, for better and safer visibility in winter driving conditions.


Directions for use:

Remove any heavy deposits of snow. Position Platinum De-Icer spray close to the windscreen. Starting at the top, move across and work down, holding spray in an upright position. When ice melts remove the surplus with windscreen wipers. Wipe off excess with a clean cloth to prevent re-freezing.

•               Fast acting

•               Helps prevent re-freezing

•               Effective to -18 centigrade

750ml Platinum De-Icer ? Ready To Use

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