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Jenfab Vertical Agitation Industrial Parts Washers clean parts in baskets or on fixtures using Immersion Cleaning combined with vertical oscillation of parts in solution. The AGIMATIC® Vertical Agitation Parts Washer processes larger baskets of parts than the VERTIMATIC® series. These Heavy Duty Industrial Aqueous Parts Washers are available in several standard sizes and are easily customized to fit virtually any parts cleaning operation when product must be kept in batches. These machines are used for inline parts washing as parts are automatically transported through a series of tanks and discharged at the opposite end. Baskets can be easily returned to operator with simple material handling.


Vertical agitation combines the natural cleaning power of water with the hydrokinetic energy developed when parts are agitated up and down. Vertical Agitation produces a natural hydraulic purging action that forces solution between parts and in and out of cavities providing the highest degree of fluid exchange for the fastest cleaning. This makes the Agimatic ideal for cleaning parts with blind holes and for cleaning parts with complex shaped geometries.


Environmentally safe aqueous cleaning allows the Agimatic Vertical Agitation Parts Washers to eliminate tons of VOC's per year yet cleaning better than solvent based systems.

Jenfab has manufactured the Vertical Agitation Immersion Parts Washers for nearly 50 years. With available options including basket rotation in each tank and dryer, submerged spray under solution and ultrasonic cleaning the Agimatic is the most versatile Aqueous Parts Washing Machine available. These machines are used for precision cleaning screw machine parts, automotive parts washing, bio medical parts cleaning including orthopaedic implant cleaning, fine blanking, and aerospace components. The Jenfab drying system incorporates a recirculating air system to speed drying and reduce energy consumption. spot free drying and hepa air filtration are available.

High Volume Six Tank Automotive Parts Washer Cleans Delicate Stampings


Oil Quench Parts Washer for Aircraft Fasteners uses Agitated Immersion Cleaning for processing 500 pound loads

The Vertical Agitation action uses the natural cleaning power of water combined with environmentally safe aqueous cleaners and the hydrokinetic energy developed when parts are agitated up and down in solutions. Vertical agitation produces a natural hydraulic purging action that flushes chips and oils from parts forcing solution in and out of passages. Adding basket rotation in each tank parts with deep blind holes and complex shapes are throughly cleaned.

Available basket tracking program allows each basket to agitate with or without rotation. Rerrous and non-ferrous parts are able to run simultaneously in the same machine by using additional cleaning tanks and a tank skipping program. This multi tank parts cleaning system uses 80% less water than spray and immersion-cabinet style systems.


Agimatic® Series-Standard Features and Available Options

  • Basket Rotation available in tanks and dryer
  • Submerged Spray Jets for 100% hip removal
  • Energy Efficient Hot Air Convection Dryer
  • Ideal For Ultrasonic Parts Washing
  • Available Basket tracking program allows each individual basket to agitate with or without rotation
  • Skip station capability allows multiple process cycles for ferrous and non-ferrous parts to run simultaneously in the same machine
  • Heavy duty agitation and transfer mechanism production proven for over forty years
  • Waste Water Minimization Systems for zero discharge including RO, DI, and UF systems
  • Closed Loop Material Handling Systems
  • Standard and Custom Systems

Aqueous Cleaning Brass and Aluminum Cable Connectors 90 Pans per Hour


Inline Cleaning Automotive Transfer Case Housings


Aqueous cleaning Die Cast Parts 36" x 30" x 18" Carrier holds two baskets 18 x 30 x 18


Precision Formed Parts Washer Aircraft Engine Parts Washer

AGIMATIC® Series Heavy Duty Agiation Immersion Inline Part Washers

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