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An extremely powerful and effective air conditioning sanitizer and odour bomb.

Eliminates odours within the air conditioning system or the vehicle compartment regardless of the source, effective against cigarette smoke, fire, mustiness and decay and other annoying smells.



  1. Ensure all windows and doors are closed
  2. Start Engine
  3. Set air conditioning to lowest temperature and recirculate
  4. Open face level air vents fully
  5. Set blower to half speed
  6. Put passenger seat as far back as you can
  7. Place can in passenger footwell with trigger facing to the rear
  8. Ensure your face is away from the can nozzle
  9. Press trigger until it locks
  10. Exit the vehicle and close the door
  11. Leave can to discharge for 10 minutes
  12. Return air conditioning settings to normal
  13. Leave engine running for 5 minutes
  14. Turn engine off and dispose of the can
  15. Leave doors open and allow to air for 15 minutes


NOTE: Check the ventilation system ducting drain pipe is not blocked, clear if necessary. Any deposits on internal facia or windscreen can be wiped clean with a lint free cloth.

For optimum efficiency remove filters from the recirculation system (not required for general use).

Air Conditioning Sanitiser & Refresher - Various Scents

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