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Antifoam FDP is a highly effective silicone based antifoam emulsion which has been developed for use in food processing and other applications where quick knockdown of foam is required.


Product Features

1. Outstanding reliability and versatility. 2. Highly effective, enabling attainment of foam control with minimum addition of

non-nutrient additives. 3. Available in easy-to-use emulsion form.


Typical Properties

These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.


Method of Use

Antifoam FDP disperses easily in both hot and cold aqueous systems, requiring only mild agitation to disperse it completely in the foaming system. For maximum efficien- cy and economy we recommend the antifoam be diluted with water before use, in the ratio of one part of Antifoam FDP to nine parts of cool soft or deionised water, the water being added slowly to the antifoam with continual low shear agitation. The quantity of antifoam required can only be found by experiment. In general between 100 and 500ppm of the product is all that is required (500ppm = 0.5 litres of product per 1000 litres of foaming media).



Antifoam FDP is recommended for a wide variety of aqueous processes (for non- aqueous applications we normally recom- mend Antifoam C100F), including the following: Food & food additives processing. Chemical manufacturing & formulations. Water & effluent treatment. Antifoam FDP is effective in many food processing applications where its efficiency and speed of knockdown make it a very versatile foam control agent.


Typical Properties

Percentage silicone:

Specific gravity (25°C):


In manufacturing of a wide range of chemicals and subsequent compounding and formulating, Antifoam FDP offers many advantages. As well as its effectiveness, the inert nature of the product and the low levels of addition mean that there will be minimal interference in the process and subsequent applications.

The product is ideally suited for use in water and effluent treatment. It is easily diluted with water making addition easy. Its non- toxic properties mean little interference with biological treatment processes

Toxicity and Handling

The components of Antifoam FDP have a very low order of toxicity, although pro- longed contact with the skin or contact with the eyes may cause some irritation. See our Antifoam Health and Safety sheet for more information.

Storage and Shelf Life

The product should be stored below 32oC and ideally should not be allowed to freeze. Shelf life of the unopened container is 12 months from date of manufacture. If you wish to use the product after this time please contact us for approval.

Antifoam FDP - Antifoam emulsion

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