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Artic Snow Foam is a highly alkaline, long lasting, Heavy Duty foam detergent containing powerful cleaning agents effective in the removal of road traffic film and other everyday soiling. It is very effective on a wide range of soil types and is easily rinsed away leaving



ARTIC SNOWFOAM (when applied correctly through most pressure cleaning equipment with a foaming lance head) covers the vehicle with a blanket of thick, white foam.  The foam can be left for several minutes on the vehicle while it agitates and loosens dirt and deposits.  ARTIC SNOWFOAM can be used on most vehicles without the need for sponging or brushing and still remove difficult deposits such as bird droppings and insects.



ARTIC SNOWFOAM works best on vehicles less than five years old with sound factory finished paintwork.  With older flat paint some degree of manual agitation i.e. brush/sponge may be required.



HEAVY SOILAGE:            Apply with ARTIC SNOWFOAM EQUIPMENT (connected to pressure washer) to ensure proper coverage.  ARTIC SNOWFOAM can be left on sound paintwork for 4 – 5 minutes.  Rinse off with high pressure ensuring every part of vehicle has been sprayed.

LIGHT SOILAGE:            As above but can be rinsed off after 2 – 3 minutes.  


PLEASE NOTE: We have a huge range of different TFR'sformulated for any purpose you may have and in any quantity required.

Artic Snow Foam - Heavy Duty Foam

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