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As an alternative to solvent based cleaning and degreasing processes involving metal and plastic components. With Bonny HD containing no butyl or chlorinated solvents or caustics, it can be used as an alternative in cleaning/degreasing baths or spray systems also an effective chemical for use in an ULTRASONIC bath. Manufacturing industry, engineering & service industry.

Product Description

A non-toxic low vapour fluid with non-foaming properties when used above 40°c, and built-in short term rust inhibition properties. Bonny HD has been designed to remove stubborn deposits of dirt, grease and grime.

Typical Uses

Hot water spray cleansing and degreasing systems for the preparation of component parts as part of manufacturing or refurbishment process. Also as an ULTRASONIC detergent degreaser.

Dilution Rates

Effective use up to 100:1 General minimum use 25:1 Benefits

Very effective against heavier contamination deposits. Lasts longer than conventional cleaners. Non-foaming and must be used above 40°C. Inbuilt short-term corrosion inhibition system. Prevents oil and grease build up in equipment Keeps machinery cleaner during use giving reduced maintenance costs for the equipment. Very effective and economical in use.

Bonny HD - Solvent Free | Degreaser For Ultrasonic Parts Washing

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