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High quality blend of specially chosen surfactants and sequestering agents formulated to effectively clean paintwork on all types of cars, buses and coaches.


It does not contain caustic soda or harmful chemicals and is suitable for use either by hand or through an automatic brush wash machine.  Generates a high, rich foam, which will clean quickly, thoroughly and efficiently, in either hard or soft water.


A pleasing sheen can be obtained if rinsed with clean water and chamoised off.  To enhance the sheen, polish with a clean, soft cloth.



*Biodegradable, does not contain harmful chemicals                                

*Cleans efficiently and thoroughly

*Suitable for use in all brush type automatic machines                              

*Provides a pleasing sheen

*Safe and easy to use, will not damage paintwork                      

*Produces a high, rich, controllable foam

*Recommended for hand washing of vehicles                             

*Concentrated product, economical in use



Suitable in garages, transport companies, etc., for cleaning paintwork on all types of vehicles.



MANUAL WASHING:                          Dilute up to 1:200 parts warm water (1 x 50 ml capful per 5ltr water).  Apply      generously with sponge or cloth, rinse with clean water and chamois leather off.

MACHINE BRUSH WASH:               Dilute up to 1:400 parts cold water (½ x 50ml capful per 5ltr water) or as recommended



Contains a blend of anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactant, viscosity stabilisers, perfume, preservative and dye.

Car-Bon - Car-Bus & Lorry Wash and Wax

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