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This Complete Car Wash and Valeting Start Up Pack – will supply you everything you need to set up your own valeting and car wash business – whether on premises or as a mobile service.


Look What you Get:

1 X 25 litres Traffic Film Remover – TFR 160 – 100:1 Ratio - TFR 160 is a detergent for use with all types of high pressure washers. Removes heavy road film, grease and general soilage from bodywork, chassis and curtain sided vehicles. Will quickly and efficiently clean cars, industrial and commercial vehicles.Formulated to avoid streaking and staining on all types of bodywork.  It is bacteriostatic and is therefore highly recommended where a disinfectant is to be subsequently used, for example on the farm or in the food industry. (ideal for commercial vans)


1 X 25 litres Carbon Wash & Wax Shampoo – 200:1 Ratio - High quality blend of specially chosen surfactants and sequestering agents formulated to effectively clean paintwork on all types of cars, buses and coaches.


1 X 25 litres Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner - Specialised liquid designed to clean glass, mirrors and stainless, the modern easy way.  Will quickly remove stains, atmospheric grime, insect debris, nicotine and smoke haze, and leave a sparkling and smear free finish. 

1 X 5 litres Platinum Formula 1 Polish - A specifically designed polish for use on used cars. This polish contains a very slight cut allowing oxidised paint to be brought back to its original condition.


1 X 25 Alloy Shine – Non Acid - High active, heavy duty alkaline cleaner. Removes instantly break dust from alloy wheels, plastic hubcaps, chrome and chemical sensitive painted wheels. Ideal for use on alloy, plastic, steel and chrome wheels.


1 X 25 litres Tyre Sheen – Tyre Dressing - A water based dressing for enhancing the appearance of rubber surfaces, i.e. tyres and mats. Most suitable for car show rooms or dry periods of weather. 


1 X 25 litres Aquabrite Dashboard & Door Trims – Efficient, quick acting, general purpose hard surface cleaner containing a clean fresh perfume.  Formulated from specially chosen ingredients to clean stubborn dirt and heavy grease from a variety of hard surfaces.  It is an extremely versatile product Ideal for floors, walls and all hard surfaces, including plastics, rubber, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, glass, fibreglass, vitreous enamel, paintwork and vinyl upholstery. 


1 X 25 litres Hydrofoam – Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner - Powerful and efficient low foam carpet shampoo for the professional cleaning of colourfast carpets and upholstery.


1 X 25 litres Quick And Easy Shine – Upholstery Dashboard Silicon Shine - A silicone rich dressing which immediately enhances the appearance of vehicle dashboards rejuvenating them to a ‘new look’ appearance, adding w waterproof, natural protection. For use on all plastic surfaces that are dull and require polish protection.


1 X 25 litres Leather Cleaner - A neutral, specifically designed detergent for cleaning general grime and light staining from all leather surfaces.  Its neutral pH will not remove any dye from the leather being treated. For removing general grime and light staining from all leather surfaces.


1 X 25 litres Leather Conditioner - A special formulation that is a blend of natural and synthetic waxes designed to ‘feed’ the leather.  This action brings the leather back to new giving it natural oils and softness, which also protects.


1 X 5 litres Tar & Glue Remover

1 X Box of Polishing Clothes – 160 metres – ideal for glass exterior/interior use

3 X Large Chamois Cloths

5 X 1 litre Empty Trigger Spray Bottles (ideal for decanting and making up from the 25litre drums)

5 x 750ml  Empty Trigger Spray Bottles (as above)

All you need is to do is purchase a pressure washer, a van and the drive to go and do it.......

Go On - Beat the Credit Crunch and Be Your Own Boss....Charge £15 - £50 for a professional Valet - This pack provides enough raw materials for hundreds of the maths...


As this is a large shipment, It will be delivered by Courier.....please supply a contact number and whether you require a tail lift on delivery.

Car Valeting and Car Wash Business Start Up Pack

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