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Bonnymans offers standard and custom Dip agitation cleaning systems, so no matter what size your part is, we can design a unit around your needs. Immersion/Agitation systems can be designed as standalone wash units or integrated together to provide a multi-stage cleaning system.

In fact, many of Bonnymans standard options can be integrated into these units. Including particulate bag filtration, bottom heat gas burner systems, fresh water make-up and control, programmable cycle timers, stainless steel construction, recirculating pumps with inductor nozzles, spray under immersion, and custom part fixturing, just to name a few!

Are you looking to process parts in-line? Bonnymans has a solution for that! We have pre-engineered packages for automating multistage systems so that there will be no operator involved in transferring of parts.

How about in-line immersion washing for application of rust inhibitors or other coatings? Bonnymans has you covered. Our in-line immersion conveyor system is the perfect solution for anyone that is trying to apply dip/immersion coatings in a high production environment.

So whatever your cleaning, coating, dipping, inhibiting, or phosphating project requires, Bonnymans will have a solution for you!

DIP Agitation Cleaning Systems

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