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Dipropylene glycol finds many uses as a plasticizer, an intermediate in industrial chemical reactions, as a polymerization initiator or monomer, and as a solvent. Ideal for use in Reed Diffusers.


Dipropylene glycol finds many uses as a plasticizer, an intermediate in industrial chemical reactions, as a polymerization initiator or monomer, and as a solvent. Its low toxicity and solvent properties make it an ideal additive for perfumes and skin and hair care products. It is also a common ingredient in commercial fog fluid, used in entertainment industry smoke and haze machines.


DPG is widely used, highly versatile ingredient in a diverse range of cosmetics and personal care products.


DPG is clear, colorless, practically odorless, slightly viscous, water-soluble liquid with a high boiling point and low volatility.  It is also hygroscopic, providing the ability to attract and retain moisture.  This makes it the humectants of choice in may applications.


DPG is commonly used as a key ingredient in numerous types of cosmetic and personal care formulations.  The include products for skin car, creams, lotions, oils, deodorants, antiperspirants, roll-on and sticks, hair care such as shampoos, conditioners, styling/coloring items, shaving creams, foams, gels and after-shave lotions, bath and shower soaps, gels, moisturizers, fragrances, perfumes, colognes, powders, baby care wipes, antiseptics, cleaners and disinfectants.

Shelf life when stored below 40 degrees C in closed containers away from UV light is 2 years.

DPG - DiPropylene Glycol - 99+% - Reed Diffuser Base

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