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Every component in this Dual Action Drum Washer from the design of the spray headers, to the integral drying system, was engineered to reduce energy. This drum parts washer is able to run two different parts at once with separated drives for variable speed and process time, reducing maintenance costs over two machines.  


Dual Drum Parts Washers cost less to purchase and operate than two separate single drum parts washers. The tanks are common to both drums and use a common heating system. The spray wash and rinse systems share common pumps while the drying system shares a common heat source and blower. Each drum washer has a separate drive and the drums can be designed differently for various size parts.

Parts are cleaned faster at lower temperatures and in less floor space because of the engineered spray system which incorporates two separate rows of high impact V-Jet nozzles. The spray jets create a powerful turbulation cleaning action in the immersion zone which flushes out the inside of deep drawn and blind holed parts. The two rows of spray nozzles clean much better than machined slots or holes drilled in pipe. As the parts move out of the spray and immersion cleaning zone the dirty solution with chips drains back into the tank. The parts are continually flushed again with fresh clean solution before they enter the rinse station. This spray cleaning, turbulated immersion cleaning and final flushing action cleans more parts per hour than other systems and usually allows the purchase of a smaller more economical machine.  

 The Jenfab Recirculating Parts Dryer uses up to 75% less energy and completely dries all parts including deep blind holed parts.


Each drum is custom designed for the parts allowing even delicate screw machine parts with exterior threads to be processed without damage. All components are precision laser cut for precise fit.

Tanks are added as required for part washing, rinsing, rust proofing, phosphating, sealing, passivating, lubricating, coating, and even ultrasonic cleaning.


Standard compact Inline Dual  Drum part washer with 19" Drums and Wash-Rinse-Dry cycle


Dual 23" Drums: Each drum cleans and dries over 5,000 Lbs per hour of hydraulic hose fittings

LJ Series Dual 15" Drums with optional part feeding system clean and dries 5 cubic feet of machined aluminum parts per hour per drum


Inline Rotary Drum Aqueous Parts Washer with Dual 30" Drums cleans 300 cubic feet of deep drawn parts per hour


Dual 45" Drums clean and dries 250 cubic feet per hour per drum total of 500 cubic feet per hourof deep drawn parts. Over Eighty-55 gallon drums per hour 



Parts are fed on a continuous inline basis by moving the parts through various operations in a horizontal cylinder that is equipped with an internal helix. This causes parts to advance as the drum rotates.  The parts are gently tumbled in the washing, rinsing and inhibiting solutions. This part movement exposes all surface, edges and geometries to the immersion soak and spray cleaning action as well as effectively draining and exposing all part surfaces to the dyer air flow.


Dual Vibratory Feeding Hoppers 20 cubic foot capacity each

Washing, phosphating, passivating, rinsing and inbibiting cycles
304 stainless steel construction on wetted surfaces
Maintenance free in-tank seal less pumps
Pumps protected with two lift out stainless steel trainer screens
Two rows of high impingement, stainless steel nozzles for double the cleaning action in 30% less floor space
Sloped tank bottoms for 100% drainage
Insulated tanks
Drum design to prevent part damage or mixing
Dyer design to prevent part damage or mixing, no snorkle tube is used.
Total drum access with lift off covers
Recirculating hot air convection dryer with unique air flow out performs all other competing dryers
100% drying guaranteed
Wired to NEC Specifications
NEMA-12 enclosure mounted on machine with separate controls for all machine functions
Single point service connection for all utilities


Dual Drum Aqueous Rotary Parts Washer Systems

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