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Overhead Conveyer Pallet Tray and Dunnage Washer

These Dunnage Washer machines use environmentally safe aqueous solutions to clean tote pans, pallets, dunnage trays and shipping containers of all oils, chips and dirt. Standard machines are offered with various cycles including wash, rinse, blow off or dry. High powered pumps spray clean the parts inside and out.

Tote pans or Dunnage trays can be manually or automatically loaded onto the conveyor and powered through the cleaning and drying process. Single lane tote pan washer machines can easily process 200 Tote pans or trays per hour. Standard spray washers are sized to handle most common size tote boxes and dunnage tray and pallets.


Dunnage washer machines are sized to process trays up to 96” long x 50” high.


Jenfab Dunnage, Tote Pan, and Tote Box washer machines are more energy efficient and can provide savings of thousands of pounds per year. The reason is in the Engineered Spray System which is specifically designed for each application.  The amount of spray (gpm) and operating temperature can effect the operating cost by several dollars per hour.  Jenfab's spray washers use only the amount of spray necessary to meet the specified cleaning requirement. These industrial spray washers use environmentally safe aqueous solutions to clean containers of all oils and chips. Standard machines are offered with various cycles including wash, rinse, blow off or dry. 


How it works

All cleaning and rinsing solutions are recirculated and filtered through chip strainer baskets to insure a long bath life. Micron filtration and oil removal systems including coalescing oil separators are standard options. Pumps are heavy duty industrial, vertical in tank mounted, seal-less type for maintenance free operation.


Available Options


Features of Dunnage Washers

  • 304 stainless steel wetted surfaces for longest life and lowest maintenance
  • High pressure Regen type blow-off or energy efficient recirculating dryer
  • Leak proof side enclosure doors and a completely removable top of belt enclosure , simplify routine maintenance and troubleshooting, providing total system access.


Dunnage Washers, Pallet Washers, Tote Pan, and Tote Box Washer Machines

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