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Engine degreaser is a blend of solvents, cleaners, emulsifiers and detergents designed to quickly dissolve oil, grease and grime while breaking up and removing deposits from engines, transmissions, differentials and most under-the-hood parts.



Dissolves grease and oil.

Engine Degrease will not harm lacquer or paintwork.

Where can this product be used?

Engine Degrease dissolves grease and oil quickly from car engines, outboard motors, lawn mowers, motorbikes, concrete, chainsaws, machinery, work clothes etc.

It is convenient and easy to use - simply spray on and hose off.


What materials is this product suitable for?

Metals Paintwork Lacquered Work Machinery & Engines Handy tips For best results, on thick dirt and grease, loosen with a brush whilst spraying the product. Slight pressure on the nozzle produces a narrow spray and full pressure gives a wide spray.

Engine Degreaser

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