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  • MAPP No – 17663
  • Active Ingredient – 360g/l Glyphosate
  • Area Covered – 1 Hectare or 10,000 sqm
  • Pack Size – 5Ltrs



For use only as agricultural, Horticultural, Aquatic, Forestry Herbicide and Desiccant.

Gallup® XL is a professional industrial strength weedkiller containing 360 grams per litre of Glyphosate, a non selective total herbicide.


It is a foliar applied herbicide for the control of emerged weeds.

Examples of use : Driveways, Car Parks, Clearing weeds prior to seeding or planting

The amount of Gallup ® XL that you are mixing with water is completely dependent on what you are spraying. (Area of use/before or after planting). For more advice on rates, please read the product label carefully or contact our technical team on 01704 828612.

You are able to use this product with conventional hydraulic sprayers or knapsack sprayers. 


Prepared spray solution should be applied as a medium or coarse spray (BCPC definition) at nozzle pressures not exceeding 2.5 bar. Gallup ®XL is a systemic weedkiller and is active at low doses. Always take extreme care to avoid spray drift. Do not spray in windy weather or near to desirable species or amenity plants as drift onto other crops or vegetation can cause severe plant injury or destruction.

Gallup XL ® 360 Total Industrial Strength Weed Killer 5Ltr

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