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Latest nanotech formulation designed to apply a lasting waterproof coating to your horse blanket or rug.

Wash in or spray on, adds durable water repellancy and revives breathability.


For best results always ensure rug is clean.
No need to dry item(s) before waterproofing.
It is vital that rugs are washed and rinsed thoroughly.
Shake well before use.
Follow care label instructions.
Front Loading Machine Wash: Remove all detergent build-up from the
detergent dispenser.
Place clean rug in washing machine*.
Use 500ml of proof for 1 rug. Treat 1 rug per load.
Run 30°C cotton cycle.

Can also be sprayed to surface but needs 24 hours to fully
dry and bond to the material.

Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting if care label allows.

* For large items we recommend using a commercial laundrette

Horse Rug/Blanket Nanotech Waterproofer

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