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Powerful and efficient low foam carpet shampoo for the professional cleaning of colourfast carpets and upholstery.  For use in conjunction with a hot water extraction machine.  Manufactured from specially selected low foam surfactants, solvents, colour brighteners and water softeners.  Will ensure soil is emulsified and the carpet is left fresh and clean.  Contains an appealing perfume.  May also be used for pre-spotting and pre-spray treatment of badly soiled carpets, prior to shampooing.



*Leaves fabrics clean, residue free and fresh, in one operation                              

*Effective low foaming cleaner

*Suitable for use in soft and hard water areas                                              

*Contains an appealing perfume

*Suitable for both carpets and upholstery                                                      

*Economical in use



Suitable for cleaning all colourfast wool and synthetic carpets and upholstery.



HEAVY SOILAGE:                                                               Dilute 1:80 parts hot water (3 x 5ltr capfuls per 5ltr)


LIGHT SOILAGE:                                                                 Dilute 1:160 parts hot water (approx. 4 tablespoonfuls per 5ltr)


For a PRE-SPOTTING/PRE-SPRAY TREATMENT:     Dilute 1:2 with warm water and lightly spray the mark/stain with a hand spray.  Lightly agitate with brush if necessary, then apply HYDROFOAM to the whole carpet as outlined above.


CAUTION: Care should be taken to always ensure the colourfastness of carpets and upholstery prior to use, by applying a solution of HYDROFOAM to a small area of the surface to be cleaned, using a white cloth and checking for colour/dye removal.



Contains a blend of amphoteric surfactant, anionic surfactant, non-ionic surfactants, glycol ether, perfume and dye.

Hydrofoam - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

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