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What are isoparaffins?

High boiling isoparaffins are synthesised by means of a so-called alkylation process. We have a selection of isoparaffinic solvents including Solban 40 & Solban 60


How are isoparaffins used?

Isoparaffins are virtually odourless making them particularly suitable for use in odour-free paints, printing inks, dry cleaning, wallpaper manufacture, photocopying, household sprays, fragrant polishes and hand cleaners. Their inertness and low solvency make isoparaffins the ideal carrier for catalysts in polymerisation processes.


Is an almost odourless substitute for turpentine used by artists' and for restoration.

They are a popular alternative solvent to turpentine for oil painting mediums and for cleaning brushes.



Isoparrifin - Solban 40 & 60 - Aroma Free - Substitute for Turpentine

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