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Chemical Description - Lauryl Dimethylamine Oxide

Product Name - Ammonyx LO


Product Overview - Ammonyx LO is a non-ionic surfactant, used for it's detergency, foam enhancing, stabilisation and thickening properties. Ammonyx LO is stable in the presence of acids, bases, electrolytes and oxidising agents and shows very good resistance to hard water. It can also be used in the textile industry as a lubricant, emulsifier, wetting agent and dye dispersant.


Product Description:

A 30% aqueous solution of lauryl dimethylamine oxide which is based on a tertiary amine derived from natural alcohols. LAO is a strongly hydrophilic surfactant and is a colourless, viscous and foamy water based surfactant with a mild odour. When mixed with acids, LAO can behave as a cationic surfactant but in neutral or alkaline conditions, it acts as a nonionic surfactant.


When blended with anionic surfactants, LAO is an excellent foam booster. It is commonly used in washing up liquids, shampoos, bubble baths, thickened bleach cleaners, vehicle cleaners and a wide range of other cleaners.


Compatible with bleach and hypochlorite. LAO is often added to them to produce foaming, allowing hypochlorite solutions to cling to surfaces and increase contact time. LAO also allows bleach stable fragrances to be added to hypochlorite to help reduce the odours associated with bleach.


Typical properties:

  • CAS No: 70592-80-2
  • Appearance at 25oC: Clear liquid
  • Colour: Pale yellow
  • Density at 20oC: 0.98 g/cm3

Lauryl Dimethylamine Oxide - Ammonyx LO

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