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The LeanClean 360 Series of Rotary Basket Industrial Parts Washers combines immersion and spray cleaning with available high tech Ultrasonics to meet industrial parts washing requirements as well as critical cleaning and precision cleaning specifications. This ergonomic front loading parts washer cleans parts in baskets or fixtures by rotating them in a turbulated immersion parts washing bath combined with a spray cleaning cycle. The cleaning cycle is followed by a combination of spray and immersion rinsing with available ultrasonic rinse, fresh water and/or DI water rinse. Parts are 100% dried in a minimal amout of time with Jenfab’s Super Fast Energy Efficient Dryer.


How it Works

Wash and rinse solution tanks are located below the cleaning chamber. During the cleaning cycles the solutions are delivered, filtered and recirculated on a continual basis into the cleaning chamber. The baskets are rotated in the solution as powerful under water jets purge the parts with fresh filtered solution continually flushing away all soils and chips. The cleaning chamber is continually purged with fresh filtered solution more than twice every minute insuring even the most complex parts with blind holes are thoroughly cleaned. Soils, chips and oil are separated continually ensuring longer bath life.

LeanClean Rotary Basket Industrial Parts Washers

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