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Multi purpose floor and wall cleaning gel with bacteriostatic properties.  Will clean, deodorise and sanitise a variety of surfaces in one operation. It has a neutral pH and with its cleaning power and fresh pine odour, it is ideal for use as a general all purpose cleaner.


Recommended for spray cleaning or damp mopping followed by machine buffing, as part of a regular floor maintenance system, to provide an attractive high gloss and slip retardant finish.



*Bacteriostatic general purpose cleaner                                   

*Pleasing, refreshing pine odour

*Very viscous, biodegradable gel                                               

*Suitable for use with or without a polish basecoat

*Spray clean or damp mop                                                           

*Buffs to a deep lustrous shine and slip retardant finish

*Possesses deodorising properties                                               

*Economical in use           



On all hard surfaces, including vinyl, thermoplastic, linoleum, quarry tiles, painted surfaces, sealed wood and sealed cork.  Ideal for the daily cleaning of washrooms and toilets.  Particularly effective when used as a regular maintenance system on floors treated with metallised polish such as FLOORBRITE.



SPRAY CLEANING:            Dilute 1:40 parts cold water (1 x 5ltr capful per 1 pint hand spray). Spray floor lightly and machine buff to a shine.


GENERAL FLOOR CLEANING:            Dilute up to 1:50 parts warm water (½ cupful per 5ltr).

                                                            Mop floor, when dry, burnish to a shine.


PAINTWORK & WASHROOMS:            Dilute 1:50 parts warm water (½ cupful per 5ltr).

                                                            Spray or wipe surface, using a cloth or sponge.


Contains a blend of anionic surfactant, pine oil and dye.

Lemon Gel - Floor Gel - Floor Cleaning

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