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Jenfab LJ Rotary Drum Aqueous parts washers are standard economically priced small compact self contained machines that clean parts fed on a continuous basis. Ideal for inline cleaning from stamping presses, cold headers, thread rollers molding, dies casting and screw machines or for installation as stand alone cellular parts washers.  A combination of spray cleaning and immersion cleaning is used to clean the parts as they gently rotate inside the drum. The 15” diameter drum processes up to 5 cubic feet/hour of parts while the 19” diameter drum processes from 10-20 cubic feet/hour of parts. These standard machines are available with one or more tanks for various process including parts washing, passivating, wax coating and drying. 


Parts are cleaned by a dual action process that combines a powerful spray cleaning action for scrubbing the exterior surfaces and by total immersion cleaning under solution that flushes the inside of hollow and tubular parts.


High Impact V-Jet Sprays                              Spray and Immersion Cleaning 

The Jenfab Recirculating Parts Dryer available on the high volume 19" model uses up to 75% less energy and completly dries all parts including deep blind holed parts.


Each drum is custom designed for the parts allowing even delicate screw machine parts and exterior threads to be processed without damage.  All components are precision laser cut for precise fit.

Tanks are added as required for washing, rinsing, rust proofing, phosphating, sealing, passivating, lubricating, coating, and even ultrasonic cleaning.

Standard LJ Model is 48" wide with length determined by number of stages.


Standard LJ 15 with two tanks and heated blow off cleans and dries up to 5 cubic feet of parts per hour


Standard LJ 19 with two tanks and Jenfab's Recirculating Dryer cleans and dries up to 20 cubic feet per hour 


Aqueous Cleaning Ammunition cases     Dual Drum model produces twice the volume  of a single drum and allows processing two different streams of parts


Jenfab Drum Washers use maintenance free seal-less In Tank Vertical Mount Pumps. All major components are visable and easily accesable. Tanks have lift off covers and are easily cleaned.


Five Tank Model for Cleaning and Passivation of Stainless Steel Fasteners

LJ Mini Drum Washers

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