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Jenfab offers several types of Solvent Free Aqueous Cleaning equipment for use in MRO including Aviation, Automotive, Construction and Military Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. This Water based cleaning equipment includes spray washing, agitated immersion cleaning and Ultrasonic cleaning with some machines combining all three types.


Environmentally friendly Solvent free Aqueous cleaning can provide better cleaning results with lower operationg costs and complies with Green Manufacturing directives.



Jenfab's Solvent Free Rotating basket washers with Ultrasonics provide precision cleaning for Aviation engine components. The Lean Clean 360 series clean parts in baskets sized from 12 x 18 x 6 up to 50 x 25 x 18


  Lean Clean 360-8 JUMBO


Bradley Fighting Machine requires a Heavy Duty Cleaning System

Aviation Engine components  






Jenfab's Heavy Duty Belt Spray Washer 


Transmission housings and components


Before spray cleaning                     After spray cleaning





Jenfab Agimatic automatically moves large baskets or parts through a series of cleaning tanks using vertical agitation / oscillation in solution to clean parts

Contruction Equipment Engine Parts Before and After Aqueous Cleaning


  Manual and Programed Hoist Lines with Ultrasonic cleaning and Vertical Agitation Immersion cleaning
  Agimatic Vertical Agitation Immersion Washer with multiple tanks
  The Lean Clean Series of rotating basket part washers combine Agitated Immersion cleaning with Spray Cleaning and are available with Ultrasonic cleaning.


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