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Mineralised Methylated Spirits can also be used as a cleaner for paintwork, glassware and for wiping resinous matter from knots prior to knotting. It is also commonly used as a fuel for heating/cooking. Commonly known as Denatured Alcohol, Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) is mixed with a small quantity of Methanol to make it unfit for consumption, and dyed purple.


t is a commonly used fuel in Meths burners on boats or outdoor heating and cooking. An alternative popular heating fuel used in greenhouse heaters and portable heaters is Paraffin,


Methylated Spirits (Meths) can be used to thin spirit based stains, varnishes and paints, leaving your paint brushes overnight in a jar of Meths will enable them to be cleaned easily with warm soapy water the next day.


Furniture restorers and French Polishers regularly use Methylated Spirits when cleaning, removing wax and stripping furniture, as well as mixing with French polishes when finishing fine furniture.

Mineralised Methylated Spirit- MMS - Purple Meths

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