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This is the most versatile, compact, energy efficient conveyorized spray washer available. The flexible design offers up to three tanks for washing, rinsing, and rust prevention/sealing. The energy efficient dryer incorporates a regenerative blow off with stainless steel air knives. The tanks and housing are 304 stainless steel for longest life and lowest maintenance.


Jenfab Spray Washers are more energy efficient and can provide savings of thousands of dollars per year.  The reason is in the engineered spray system which is designed for each application.  The amount of spray (gpm) and operating temperature can effect the operating cost by several dollars per hour.  Jenfab's Spray Washers use only the amount of spray necessary to meet the specified cleaning requirement. For example spray washing automotive stampings usually does not require the the amount of spray necessary to clean intricate machined parts.


Robotic Automated In-Line Cleaning of Transmission Gears and Shafts



Spray Cleaning Machined Parts                   In Line Spray Cleaning Gears


Spray Washing Die Cast Parts                      Spray Washing Sintered Metal Parts

Mini Belt Conveyor Spray Washer

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