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Models 24 OPW (Larger Size 36 OPW available)


The Jenfab OPW  is an ergonomically designed Front Loading Cabinet Spray Washer. This Jenfab innovative parts cleaning system is designed for use in work cells in Lean Manufacturing environments or as a stand alone parts washer for batch type cleaning. The OPW parts washer removes machining oils and chips from parts by continually moving the parts back and forth through a powerful overlapping spray cleaning system. 


How it works:

The operator places the parts on a fixture or in a basket and presses the start button. The parts are moved into the spray cabinet, the door closes, and the spray wash cycle begins. Nozzles are strategically placed around the parts, thoroughly cleaning all ID and OD surfaces as the parts oscillate through the spray. The re-circulating wash system collects chips in easily removable strainer baskets keeping the solution tank clean. Once the spray wash cycle ends an air blow off cycle removes excess water as the parts continue to oscillate back and forth. After washing and blow off, the door automatically opens and the parts are moved back out the process chamber for operator removal.


Wash and rinse solution tanks are located below the cleaning chamber. During the spray cleaning cycle the solution is continually filtered, recylced and sprayed back onto the parts . This recycling system ensures that only fresh clean filtered solution comes into contact with the parts. The solution is filtered through chip strainer baskets as it flows back into the tank. This continual separation of chips and oil ensures a longer bath life and less maintenance.




Installation at major solenoid valve manufacturer


Sanitary Model process 48" wide baskets


Specifications 24 OPW
Floor Space:
36" W x 72" D x 89" H
Load Height: 42"

Tank Volume:
110 Gallons Wash  or          55 Gallons each for Wash/Rinse version

Work Envelope:                  24" Wide, 18" Deep, 12" High

Pump Volume:
40 GPM @ 40PSI with SS Bag Filter

All Piping is Stainless Steel or Non-metalic.                   

Air Knives:
Self Generated
Level Control:
Float type with solenoid
Variable Speed
PLC Controlled
480 Volts 3 Phase 60 Cycle
24 Volt Control System
Up to 60 Loads per Hour
Stainless Steel Tanks & Pumps
Polished Stainless Steel Housing
Easy Lift Out Chip Collection Baskets
Fork Lift Pockets
Quiet operation

Oscillating Industrial Spray Parts Washer

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