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Thickened, heavy duty oven cleaner, removes the most stubborn baked on grease and dirt from the interior of enamelled ovens, enamelled surfaces, griddles and cast iron hobs.


Manufactured from a combination of ingredients to provide a viscous liquid that will cling to the surface, to increase the contact time and therefore improve the cleaning action.

It is also suitable for keeping drains and outlet pipes free from grease and grime.



*Viscous formulation clings to vertical surfaces                           

*Powerful and effective cleaner

*Removes baked and burnt on grease                                           

*Pleasant low odour

*Helps keep drains and traps free from grease                            

*Biodegradable liquid



Suitable for use in all types of kitchens in schools, hospitals, general industry and in the home.


NOTE: Not to be used on the exterior of ovens, aluminium, painted, easy clean or self-clean surfaces.



Warm the griddle or oven to 40° - 45°C.  Carefully spray or wipe undiluted OVEN GEL on to the surface.  Spread evenly

with cloth or brush.  Leave for approximately 5 – 10 minutes.  Agitate with scouring pad if necessary.  Rinse off with

clean water.


NOTE: Eye protection and gloves must be worn when using this product; please see Health and Safety Data S

Oven Gel - Oven-Griddle Cleaner

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