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Conforms to BS EN 1276 and proven to Kill 99.99% of known germs, including MRSA & E Coli.


POWERKLEEN is a highly effective QAC based detergent/disinfectant. It may be used as a detergent/disinfectant for medium to heavy duty cleaning or as a terminal disinfectant applied to a clean surface, it has excellent grease and fat removal properties.



POWERKLEEN has been tested in accordance with:

1. BS EN 1276:1997         -         bactericidal action at 10°C

2. BS EN 1650:1997         -         fungicidal action at 20°C

3. TES-S-004                  -         triangle test for potential taint due to contact with materials


POWERKLEEN can be used for cleaning: floors, work surfaces, walls, refrigerated vehicle interiors, etc.




POWERKLEEN is used at 1 to 2% v/v for cleaning of food contact surfaces.  POWERKLEEN is used at ambient to 50°C; the detergency of the product improves with temperature.

It can be applied by clean disposable cloth or by a trigger spray directly to surfaces.


POWERKLEEN is used at 1 to 2% v/v for soak cleaning/washing of utensils; the solution should not be raised above 70°C.


Terminal Disinfection

POWERKLEEN is also used as a terminal disinfectant at 1% v/v following cleaning.  It can be applied as a spray or mist through a trigger, pump-up, backpack or pressurised canister sprayer.  Industry specific regulations should be checked to see if the disinfectant needs to be rinsed away with potable water.


POWERKLEEN is fogged, at 3% v/v, into airspace to control airborne micro-organisims.  Fogging, where required, should be used as part of a total cleaning and disinfection regime.


FEATURES                                             BENEFITS

Ø  Detergent/Disinfectant          Can be used as a single stage clean and disinfect


Ø  Low taint and toxicity          Used as a terminal disinfectant


Ø  QAC biocide               Wide spectrum of activity



POWERKLEEN is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, sequesterant and QAC.

Powerkleen HDC - QAC based detergent/disinfectant BS EN 1276

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