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The Vertimatic 2400 Agitation Immersion Parts Washers automatically transports baskets through two, three or more aqueous cleaning tanks and dryer without an operator required. 


Environmentally safe aqueous cleaning allows the Vertimatic Series to eliminate tons of VOC's per year yet cleaning better than solvent based systems.  These Multi-Station Industrial Parts Washers automatically load baskets for in line parts cleaning or for cellular and batch type parts cleaning operations in lean manufacturing environments.


The Vertimatic Agitation Ultrasonic Parts Washer combines aqueous cleaning technology with ultrasonic cleaning to meet precision cleaning and critical cleaning requirements. Applications such as automotive and aviation fuel injector cleaning and abs component parts cleaning machine are typical. These machines are ideal for aviation parts cleaning of aircraft engine components, brake components and precision bearings.


The machines are fully enclosed with polished stainless steel panels with all components easily accessible for routine maintenance. The machines are shipped in one piece for ease of installation with single point connections for all utilities.


Jenfab has manufactured the Vertical Agitation Immersion Parts Washers for nearly 50 years. with available options including basket rotation in each tank, submerged spray under solution and ultrasonic cleaning the vertimatic is the most versatile aqueous parts washing machine available. These machines are used for precision cleaning screw machine parts, automotive parts washing, bio medical including orthopaedic implant cleaning, fine blanking, and aerospace components. The Jenfab drying system incorporates a recirculating air system to speed drying and reduce energy consumption. Spot free drying and HEPA air filtration are available.



Bio Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning application for glass tube cleaning includes four ultrasonic tanks and one slow pull rinse tank. Jenfab Recirculating Dryer produces spot free parts and includes HEPA air filtration



 Vertical Agitation Ultrasonic cleaning machine for buffing compound removal


Vertical Agitation Ultrasonic precision cleaning system with material handling for automated in line cleaning 60 baskets per hour of medical components



Ultrasonic Cleaning Glass Tubes, Four sided overflow provides precision rinsing



 Orthopaedic implant cleaning for the Medical device industry




Vertical Agitation with Ultrasonic cleaning for remanufacturing automotive and aviation parts



Stainless steel construction for all wetted parts
Polished stainless steel machine enclosure
Tanks: Stainless Steel 90 Gallon
Basket size:18 x 18 x 18” for non rotation machines
Basket size: 12 x 18 x 8" for machines with rotation
Software for multiple process cycles and diagnostics
Insulated tanks and dryers
Conical bottom tanks for complete chip removal
Rotating basket dryer available
Spot free drying
Hydraulic or pneumatic operation
One day run-off with chemistry prior to shipping

Single point service connections allow one day ins

Precision Cleaning Ultrasonic Parts Washers with Vertical Agitation

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