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Top quality, heavy duty hand cleaning gel containing enviromentally friendly beads  Will readily remove the heaviest ingrained grease and grime, quickly and efficiently.  Manufactured using specially chosen high grade raw materials.  The addition of glycerine provides the hands with added skin protection.


GRITTED HAND SOAP is biodegradable, contains no perfume and is easily rinsed off with either warm or cold water.



*Contains enviromentally friendly beads to help remove the heaviest soilage                                

*High active

*Does not contain harsh abrasives or perfume                                            


*Will rinse off easily in warm or cold water                                                    

*Fast acting, hand cleaning gel

*Contains glycerine for added protection                                                       

*Suitable for use in dispensers



In garages, transport depots, engineering workshops, warehouses, gardens, building sites, general industry and wherever hands get heavily soiled.



Apply a small amount onto dry hands, rub in well until all the dirt and grease has been loosened.  Rinse with warm or cold water.  Ensure that hands are dried thoroughly.  


GRITTED HAND SOAP can be used effectively and economically through a dispenser that fits to the bucket or, alternatively, through a suitable dispenser.

Red/Yellow/Orange Gritted Hand Soap Hand Cleanser

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