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Effective to  -4°C


Screen wash concentrated formula is a must during the winter months. Keep your screenwash topped up so you don’t run out at a bad time. Dillute 1:20


Features and Benefits:-

•               Classic concentrated formula

•               Makes up to 500 litres

•               Effective in both Hard & Soft water areas

•               Clean solvent formula - no unpleasant smell

•               Resists freezing

•               Will not damage paintwork


Directions For Use

Dilution ratios:



Dilute 1:20 parts water -makes 500 litres of screen wash.



Dilute 1:5 parts water- makes 125 litres of screen wash.


Heavy/Extreme Winter Conditions

Use neat



Use neat

Screen Wash Concentrated - Summer & Winter De-Icer -4°C

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