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Ready-to-use, Heat transfer Fluid for solar thermal systems


Solarwave is a clear yellow inhibited solution, based on Propylene Glycol and Organic Acid Technologies (OAT).


A group of organic compounds called Carboxylic Acids, are comprised of salts & anions (Carboxylates) which provide targeted corrosion protection to all common materials found in Solar Thermal systems.

Rather than just simply creating a protective film of the material surface (traditional inhibitors). The targeted electrical charge of the organic acids find the spots where corrosion has just started, the organic acids will seal the area affected, while the rest stay in suspension until needed elsewhere in the system. Meaning higher thermal efficiency and longer lasting functionality of both the inhibition and system.


Solarwave has been designed, specifically for use as a heat transfer fluid in Solar Thermal & Cooling Systems. It ensures maximum thermal efficiency, as well as freezing & corrosion protection for the solar collectors and thermal store.


Features & Benefits

 Ready-to-use

 Frost protection -20°C

 Multi-metal corrosion protection

 Improved thermal efficiency

 Non-Toxic

 Biodegradable

 Manufactured to ISO9001


Description & Use

Solarwave is designed for use in solar heating systems. The solar collectors should be emptied prior to static conditions to prevent the fluid from exposure to extreme temperatures. Propylene Glycol can suffer from thermal decomposition from exposure to temperatures greater than 200°C (even for a short period of time). A common sign of decomposition can be the darkening of the glycol, in which case the fluid should be drained, system flushed, then refilled.



Solarwave should not be mixed with any other thermal fluids. It does not attack materials normally used in ground source heating systems

SolarWave Heat Transfer Fluid

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