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Ready-to-use Heat Transfer Fluids for under floor heating system


Subflow is a Ready To Use clear purple inhibited solution, based on Ethylene Glycol & Organic Acid Technologies (OAT). A group of organic compounds called Carboxylic Acids, are comprised of salts & anions (Carboxylates) which provide targeted corrosion protection to all common materials found in Underfloor Heating systems.


Rather than just simply creating a protective film of the material surface (traditional inhibitors). The targeted electrical charge of the organic acids find the spots where corrosion has just started, the organic acids will seal the area affected, while the rest stay in suspension until needed elsewhere in the system. Meaning higher thermal efficiency and longer lasting functionality of both the inhibition and system.


Subflow has been designed, specifically for use as a heat transfer fluid in Underfloor Heating Systems. It ensures maximum thermal efficiency, as well as freezing & long life corrosion protection for the system.


Features & Benefits

 Concentrated

 Organic Acid Inhibition

 Frost protection -55°C

 Long Life Corrosion Protection

 Improved thermal efficiency

 Reduces Thermal Degradation

 Meets Requirements for BS6580:2010

 Manufactured to ISO9001



Subflow can be used for Underfloor Heating Systems to provide maximum thermal efficiency & long life corrosion protection of the system.



Subflow should not be mixed with any other thermal fluids. It does not attack materials normally used in underfloor heating systems.

SubFlow Heat Transfer Fluid (Ready To Use)

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