Concentrated, caustic detergent for use with all types of high pressure washers.  Removes heavy road film, grease and general soilage from bodywork, chassis and curtain sided vehicles.


Will quickly and efficiently clean cars, industrial and commercial vehicles.  Formulated to avoid streaking and staining on all types of bodywork.  It is bacteriostatic and is therefore highly recommended where a disinfectant is to be subsequently used, for example on the farm or in the food industry.



*Highly concentrated powerful bacteriostatic detergent                               

*Does not contain caustic soda

*Suitable for bodywork, chassis and machinery                                           

*Will leave a streak free finish

*Ideal in all kinds of spraying equipment                                                        

*Rapidly removes road film and soilage

*Safe and very economical in use



For fast and efficient cleaning of heavy road film from cars, industrial and commercial vehicles.  Excellent results are achieved with automatic vehicle washing equipment, portable high pressure cleaning equipment and brush wash machines.



FOR HEAVY SOILAGE:                     Dilute 1:150 parts hot or cold water (2 tablespoonfuls per 5ltr)

FOR LIGHT SOILAGE:                       Dilute 1:250 parts hot or cold water (1 tablespoonful per 5ltr)


Spray the vehicle ensuring that all surfaces are covered with the solution, leave for 1 minute and then rinse thoroughly,

using the high pressure sprayer and clean water.

TFR 500 - Super Concentrated Traffic Film Remover

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