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Highly efficient, low foaming detergent for removing difficult grease, burnt on food debris & carbon deposits from caustic sensitive surfaces. Ideal in kitchens and bakeries for cleaning aluminium trays & utensils, galvanised trays & utensils & also glazed pots.


Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for cleaning aluminium & galvanised equipment.
  • For use through all types of dishwashing machines.
  • Suitable for the manual washing of utensils & trays.
  • Effective in hard or soft water conditions.
  • Economical in use.


How to Use

Machine Washing

Dispense into automatic machine through an electronic dispenser at a ratio of 2-5ml per litre, at 55-70°C, or in accordance with machine manufacturer’s instructions.


Manual Washing

Dilute up to 1:400 parts hot water depending on soiling and water hardness. (25ml per 10Ltr)

1 or 2 L per 10Ltr of Hot Water.

Immerse trays & utensils in solution until soiling is loosend. Remove soil by light brushing or scrubbing. Rinse with clean water.



Contains sodium disilicate, phosphates & surfactants.

Traywash Aluminum Safe

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