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TuRBoform S comprises 38% Formaldehyde in a water base.


TuRBoform S is designed to give consistently high yields of formaldehyde gas for fumigation purposes when in conjunction with thermal fogging machines.



The fumigation of livestock accommodation, incubators, egg rooms, hatcheries or any enclosed area that requires terminal disinfection e.g. vehicles. Formaldehyde gas is an extremely efficient means of disinfection of live stock accommodation because the gaseous phased produced is all invasive. TuRBoform S is non-corrosive when used as directed. TuRBoform S often used as a follow up to liquid terminal disinfectants in comprehensive disinfection programs.


TuRBoform S will destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi (being particularly effective against aspergillus spp.) as well as insect infestations.



TuRBoform S fumigation should be conducted once the building has been thoroughly cleaned (we recommend the use of TuRBoclense or TuRBoquat for best results) or as an adjunct to liquid terminal disinfection (we recommend TuRBokill, TuRBokill P or TuRBophor). The fumigation process is most effective in humid conditions and at ambient temperatures in excess of 15°C. All windows, doors and ventilators should be closed during the procedure.


Allow at least 3 hours for the fumigation process to be completed, then open doors and windows and ventilate with extractors for at least another 3 hours to ensure that the gas has been fully dissipated before entering the body of the building.

Always wear appropriate protective clothing when using fumigants.


Sold in: 5ltr, 25ltr, 205ltr & 1000ltr

TurboForm S - Formaldehyde Solution

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