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A high yield (2400 ppm) iodophor disinfectant for terminal use combined with detergents to give superior penetration and kill. Designed for use in buildings, equipment, footbaths and wheel baths as well as in food (meat, milk and beverage) processing plants.



Turbophor 24 offers potent broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi even in the presence of heavy organic soil. Turbophor 24 forms high concentration solutions of iodine which are designed to be non staining, non tainting, non corrosive and stable.


The combination of iodophors with carefully selected detergents ensures the penetration of biological films and organic matter which would ordinarily protect the disease agents from disinfection even at low ambient temperatures.



Apply to all washed surfaces of livestock accommodation, equipment and food processing areas as a terminal disinfectant using a coarse spray at a dilution rate of 1:100 parts water. Can also be used be used for foot and wheel dips at 1:100 parts water and for the sanitisation of drinking water systems at 1:1500 parts water (heavy contamination) and 1:2250 for routine sanitisation of drinking water systems.


Turbophor 24 has the useful characteristic of being self indicating in foot and wheel dips where its brown colouration fades as the level of activity diminishes.

• Superior Penetration and Kill

• Safe Non-tainting for Use in Food Processing Plants

• Safe Disinfection of livestock and Poultry Drinking Systems

• Perfect for Foot Dips

• Colour Deterioration Indicator Warns When Dips are Ineffective


Recommended Dilution Rates:  


General Orders: 1:110      

Foot & Mouth: 1:160  

Disease of Poultry Directives: 1:100  

Swine Vesicular Disease: 1:140  

Routine Disinfection: 1:100 

TurboPhor 24 - Powerful Terminal Disinfectant for Buildings and Equipment

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