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TuRBoquat is a concentrated cleaner and sanitiser based on the quaternary ammonium compound, benzalkonium chloride. Non odorous and nontainting, the product has applications in human food preparation, meat processing, equipment cleaning as well as a pre-soak for animal accommodation prior to power washer and terminal disinfection.


TuRBoquat has proven germicidal action especially against food spoilage organisms and gram negative and gram positive bacteria.

• Highly effective in removing grime, oil /grease and organic matter

• Effective on steel & aluminum surfaces

• Contains no perfumes or dyes

• Contains no caustic

• Suitable for use in dairies, will not taint foodstuffs

• Suitable for manual spot applications and pressure washing.

• Fully biodegradable

• Good foaming properties


A good hygiene routine comprising cleaning followed by disinfection is the most powerful and cost-effective approach to disease control. It serves to reduce pathogenic microbial populations to safe, non-infective levels within poultry and large animal housing environments. Persistence and proliferation of pathogens in animal housing environments can be extremely problematic, particularly as a result of high levels of humidity, warm conditions and the presence of high levels of organic matter. Dirt and organic matter can harbor infinite numbers of disease causing organisms, and act as a nutritional base for microbial proliferation. Cleaning dissolves and rinses away organic matter and associated pathogens. Disinfection reduces any remaining pathogens to safe, non-infective levels by killing them outright at the recommendeduUse-dilutions and contact periods.



Remove as much organic soil as possible by mechanical means.


For the pre-washing of animal accommodation apply to all surfaces using a low pressure sprayer at a dilution rate of 1:800 to 1:1000 depending on the level of soil. Leave to soak for 10 to 30 minutes.


For the sanitisation of pre-cleaned food preparation surfaces and equipment and as a sanitising wash down for the equipment and work surface during processing use at a rate of 1:1600.

TurboQuat - (Non DEFRA) -  Quaternary Ammonium Cleaner and Sanitiser

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