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TuRBosan is a concentrated cleaner and sterilizer based on the quaternary ammonium compound, benzalkonium chloride. Non odorous and non tainting, the product is designed for the cleaning and sanitising of incubators, hatcheries, egg rooms, associated equipment and in the food processing environment. It is also highly effective in the cleaning and sanitisation of drinking water systems and the removal and prevention of fungal and bacterial growth often caused by lactose or glucose based water soluble antibiotic treatments.



 Remove as much organic soil as possible by mechanical means and flush drinking water systems.

 For drinking water systems including storage tanks, pipelines and drinkers, apply at a rate of 1:6000 parts water.

 As an egg dip apply at 1:1500 parts water.

 As a general sanitising agent for wash down at 1:750 parts water.

 As a sanitising air spray at 1:750 parts water.

TurboSan - Quaternary Ammonium Cleaner and Sanitiser

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